One stencil of Jef Aérosol shoots by collectible-prints in December 2021 in the streets of Brooklyn

A pioneer of street art in France, Jef Aérosol began spray painting on the streets of Tours, later relocated to Lille in Northern France, and now works across the globe. Born with the name Jean-François Perroy, Aérosol mostly depicts figures, vacillating between cultural icons such as John Lennon and Gandhi and archetypes with political and social meanings. Aérosol’s figures have a stenciled quality, which is shared among many of his peers, but he distinguishes his work with the addition of red arrows. The arrows evoke commercial imagery, with their hard-edged, graphic nature, but they also have a mysterious quality, pointing to Aérosol’s figures while simultaneously being set apart from the image as a whole.

This Art work has been made as part of the Coron[Art]Virus, in order to support the medical staff of the Lille University Hospital.

After six months of crisis, uncertainty about the future and multiple questions, the exhibition can finally take place, with the necessary health and safety measures. It is therefore an event that takes place in a particular context and that we will not soon forget.

I hope these images will speak to you, I now see them as a “crossover” between “the before” and the “after”…”

– Jef Aerosol

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Lyon, FR | Paris, FR
Tiohtià:ke / Montréal, QC

Lyon, FR | Paris, FR
Tiohtià:ke / Montréal, QC

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