Gabrielle Rul

France • 1995 | Lives and works in Paris

Multi-disciplinary artist and model, Gabrielle Rul graduated from the Studio Berçot fashion design school. Rather than clothing, which she perceives as a camouflage, it’s the personality of people that she finds fascinating, expressed through their gaze. Thus, it’s faces and eyes that Gabrielle starts to draw during the long hours of casting waiting.

With a light and continuous stroke, often in black and white, sometimes sprinkled with a touch of color, she gently and spontaneously strokes the white paper of cyclo backgrounds, expressing, in ink, pastel, or watercolor, her own stories that anyone can relate to. Her work is inspired by life events, the situations she encounters, and the people she meets, blended with childhood memories. Heavily influenced by her Vietnamese grandmother, who was agile with her hands and highly creative, Gabrielle trusts her instincts and experiences to unleash her imagination.

Gabrielle has notably collaborated with Maison Pierre Frey, l’Exception, and Moleskine. Her work is part of the collections of the Imago Mundi Foundation and Moleskin Foundation. Her murals have been seen in hospitals such as the CHU de Saint Maurice, the facade of the Origines restaurant, and stores such as Free People and Moleskine.