Jef Aérosol

France • 1957 | Born in Nantes, lives and works Lille

French stencil artist from the first wave of street art, he placed his first stencil on the walls of Tours in 1982. Since then, he has roamed the streets of many countries to paint or paste his characters, often depicted on a 1:1 scale. His work is now characterized by the significant use of black and white except for that famous red arrow, his trademark and “disruptive element”!

Passionate about music and a musician himself, Jef Aérosol is highly inspired by the rock icons of the 60s/70s, but he also highlights a large number of anonymous individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Jef Aérosol delivers a humanistic and poetic message that makes his work universal and timeless, always at the convergence of reflection and emotion.

He is part of the first generation of French urban artists using this medium with Epsylon Point, Blek le Rat, and Miss.Tic. While his early works were selfies, soon his aerosol cans would project onto the walls both the portraits of the great figures of the “rock generation,” of cultural life as well as anonymous, all V.I.P. (Very Important Stencils). The all-black and gray images of Jef Aérosol are the novel of an era being written. One of his emblematic works is the “Sitting Kid,” a young boy, solitary and pensive, who will be found from the Great Wall of China to Ushuaia, from London to New York, accompanied by the unmistakable red arrow, the artist’s signature.

Jean-Luc Hinsinger (excerpt from the Art-Liberté catalog, 2016)

| Several stencils by Jef Aérosol (All captured by Collectible-Prints in Paris & Brooklyn, NYC)