France • 1978 | Born in Toulouse, France 

Jules Dedet Granel, also known under the pseudonym, L’ATLAS, is recognized for his distinct style that blends calligraphic graffiti with geometric abstraction. Interested in calligraphy, L’ATLAS studied under Arabic calligraphy masters such as Hassan Massoudy and Mouneer Al-Shaarani in Morocco and Egypt, later using these traditional techniques in the street art scene in Paris. In his pursuit of a common visual language, L’ATLAS emphasizes the dislocation and breakdown of borders. Works such as Seal 12 (2018) use two colors to express duality, purity, the essence of the idea, and the calligrapher’s mark. His interests in geometric abstraction and Sufism produce a visual language that is inspired by and deviates from optical art and abstract art traditions, often working with transparent tape and spray paint or ink on paper and canvas. L’ATLAS designed the logo for the brand Fenty. His work has been commissioned by the Centre Pompidou and the Place du Capitole in Toulouse.