Why publishers ? 

As a publisher, we cover all the costs of each project, from the  printmaking aspect to the shippings of your editions to collectors.

→ Support

After getting to know you, your ambitions, your personality, your aspirations… We can help you created a meaningful and hight-quality edition.
Depending on profiles and timeframes, of course !

→ Project management

We manage various aspects, including administrative tasks, liaising with suppliers, obtaining quotations, ensuring technical feasibility with printmakers, crafting certificates of authenticity, packaging editions in accordance with conservation standards, managing collector relations, coordinating worldwide deliveries (including handling shipping documents and customs procedures), as well as handling invoicing – in short, everything you wouldn’t normally dream of.

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    Application Form

      Instagram / Website or Online Portfolio :

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      When it’s a good match, we’ll make an appointment together, so that we can better know each other & explain you how things work in detail!


      Focus on the artistic creation, and we'll take care of the rest.